Employee Retention: Surveying the New World of Work Beyond COVID-19

As businesses emerge from the devastation of COVID-19, they will rely on their top performers more than ever before to rebuild, reimagine and reposition themselves. However, the way we work has fundamentally changed.

Join ELMO’s Head of Sales, Joel Smith, and Regional Sales Manager, Michael Shor on Tuesday, 7th July at 11:00AM AEST for a webinar on engagement, retention and technology in the new world of work beyond COVID-19.

Joel and Michael will cover:

  • How to improve retention with the help of technology
  • How traditional drivers of engagement and retention have transformed
  • How ELMO’s ‘Retain’ solutions – Performance Management, Rewards & Recognition, Remuneration and Succession Management – can boost both HR’s and each employer’s ability to reach and engage with their employees
  • A live demo of the ELMO Retain suite

This webinar has taken place. You can download the on-demand webinar here.

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