ELMO SA HR Leadership Summit – Adelaide

These summits focus on how HR can seize the opportunity of change in the current climate to bring new thinking to the table, embrace diversity of thought, and transform an innovative vision from inception to business reality.

Proven to be highly insightful, delegates come away with useful actionable strategies.

ELMO is the International Partner of the Leadership Summit Series. We encourage you to come along and speak with anyone from our friendly team and join us at our speaking session:

Session title: HR and a generation of change

Session synopsis:

As the role of the HR leader develops into a highly strategic and increasingly influential voice within business strategy development and execution, so emerges the age of the new CHRO. From reactive people management to critical business leader, join us in this session to hear from one of HR’s leading visionaries on what the CHRO needs to be for the here and now, and for the future.

Speaker: Monica Watt – General Manager, HR

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