AHRI Virtual Masterclass with Dave Ulrich

ELMO is the Exclusive Partner of AHRI’s 90 minute Virtual Masterclass with Dave Ulrich.

As one of the world’s leading HR gurus, Dave will provide a unique perspective on HR’s relevance in a new era of business impacted not only by a global pandemic, but also a shift in how leaders today value their key stakeholders.

Joined by ELMO’s industry leading Content Marketing Manager, Iain Hopkins, Dave will explore five general principles in progress that may follow this pandemic by labeling them with an “-ing” adjective:

  • Increasing customisation or personalisation
  • Redefining boundaries of work from place to values
  • Navigating paradox
  • Harnessing uncertainty
  • Seeking guidance

We encourage you to come along to this one-of-a-kind session.

Find out more about this virtual masterclass on the event website.

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