Replace manual processes with more flexible and transparent digital options

How ELMO helped Wellington Shire Council


Wellington Shire Council is located in the Gippsland region of the state of Victoria, approximately two hours east of Melbourne. It is Victoria’s third largest municipality, covering an area of 10,924 square kilometres and is home to 41,355 residents (2011 census) spread across more than 30 different communities.

Problems Experienced

" Traditionally everything was paper-based and we wanted something that was more flexible."
- Learning and Development Facilitator at Wellington Shire Council

Wellington Shire Council previously only had paper-based, manual processes for most of its talent management functions. This resulted in inefficient and time-consuming induction processes, poor engagement with performance appraisals, and a lack of engagement with organisational learning and development.

“Traditionally everything was paper-based and we wanted something that was more flexible,” says Carly Bloomfield, Learning and Development Facilitator, Wellington Shire Council.

This was especially impacting on new hires, who would have to wait for key information in face-to-face training sessions. Similarly, there was a lack of transparency and reporting occurring with performance appraisals.

1 Time-consuming, paper-based processes for induction and performance management
2 Low engagement in performance appraisals
3 Lack of insight and reporting around performance management processes


Wellington Shire Council ultimately chose ELMO’s Learning Management System and Performance Management modules.

The Result

" A key difference between the ELMO Learning Management System and alternative products is that the ELMO product comes with a self-editing tool for the online courses."
Carly Bloomfield - Learning and Development Facilitator at Wellington Shire Council

Bloomfield says Wellington Shire Council’s induction process has been one of the key beneficiaries of the shift to digital. “Our induction process has really improved significantly because people are actually getting inducted in a timely manner. They’re getting the key information from weeks 1-12 as opposed to having to wait for face- to -face training.”

She adds that the introduction of online performance appraisals has resulted in an uplift in completion rates due to the reporting functionality of the ELMO module.

“When we were researching, ELMO’s ability to customise the product was the key deciding factor for us,” says Bloomfield. “We’d definitely recommend ELMO to others and we’re happy to talk to others who are considering the product.”

1 More timely delivery of learning and key information to employees
2 Improved engagement with performance processes
3 Greater flexibility due to customisable ELMO modules, including the ability to self-edit online courses