Delivering configurable learning content and improving HR’s efficiency

How ELMO helped VicSuper


VicSuper is one of Australia’s fastest growing superannuation funds, with over 240,000 members. They are a not-for-profit fund that is managed solely in the interests of members.

Problems Experienced

" We really needed an integrated talent solution in order to drive efficiency and create the experience we were looking for."
Ross Williamson - Head of People and Talent at VicSuper

VicSuper was suffering from several pain points. Ross Williamson, Head of People and Talent, built his business case around addressing those key areas.

Chief among these were the repetitive general einquiries coming through to the HR service desk, as well as the exasperation of the business leaders over the difficulties with reporting. In addition, the HR team was struggling to get the data and insights they needed from existing systems. Williamson says it was a matter of quantifying all those issues.

It became apparent that Williamson and his team needed to make reductions in the time taken to complete transactional HR tasks. They also needed to save on printing costs because of VicSuper’s corporate responsibility mandate. They were also seeking an uplift in engagement because that was an area of concern that surfaced in their employee engagement survey.

“We looked at all the business measures we already had and said, how can these work for us?” Williamson says.

1 Frustration from business leaders and HR about lack of reporting and insights into learning outcomes and talent management processes
2 General inefficiencies in transactional HR processes
3 Too many repetitive general inquiries coming through for the HR helpdesk to resolve


Williamson was aware that VicSuper needed the right tools and the right processes to be an agile learning organisation.

“I took the opportunity in my strategy to say that we really needed an integrated talent solution in order to drive efficiency and create the experience we were looking for.”

ELMO could provide that solution. VicSuper opted for several modules including Onboarding
Recruitment, Learning and Performance Management.

The Result

" It’s a solution that can offer great efficiencies and opportunities to anyone who has the vision to make it the most of what’s on offer. It’s scalable, it’s efficient, it’s simple."
Ross Williamson - Head of People and Talent at VicSuper

Williamson was clear on the ROI metrics any new systems would need to provide.

For the Learning module, the primary results focused on increases to the amount of discretionary learning completed, the resolution of learning needs and the time taken to resolve those needs., In addition, there were enhancements to the feedback loops – including team members having more regular, honest conversations about their performance and HR being able to demonstrate this vital step was occurring.

From an onboarding perspective there were “hard cost” reductions, says Williamson, including reductions in paper and waste during the onboarding process. In addition, there was an expectation that new employees would find their connection and ‘stick’ to the company earlier. This too has been delivered upon.

“New hires really appreciate the online pack that they can complete at their leisure,” Williamson says. “Also, having their team viewable and having a corporate video and story from our CEO makes them really feel connected to VicSuper much earlier than they have felt with other organisations.”

From an employee experience perspective, Williamson says that since implementation there’s an increased feeling that VicSuper is investing in its people and is creating a digital work experience that mirrors the digital experience at home. He adds that team members have appreciated the cleanliness of ELMO’s design, its simplicity and its intuitive nature. They also appreciate that the learning module is configured to VicSuper’s processes, so they’re not forced to complete steps or sequences designed by someone overseas.

“It’s actually designed by us; we have ownership of the experience,” says Williamson. “In terms of the learning content, they appreciate its simplicity and the fact there is a menu of content, so they can address their needs in a just-in-time manner.”

Culturally, ELMO’s modules have helped build the perception that VicSuper’s employees have the right tools and processes to do their job. Williamson says that employees feel the organisation is investing in their development in every sense, not just traditional learning but access to feedback and access to information.

“From a people and culture operating model perspective, it has saved us time and money. It’s allowing us to focus on what we call transformational HR rather than transactional, traditional HR,” Williamson says.

1 Ability to self-select courses, resulting in just-in-time learning on an as-needed basis
2 Configurable content tied to VicSuper’s specific needs
3 Increases to discretionary learning and resolution of learning needs
4 Greater leadership and HR insights into talent management processes due to enhance reporting functionality
5 Improvements to performance feedback loops
6 Printing and general waste reductions during onboarding
7 Quicker sense of connection to VicSuper for new hires, due to online pack including videos and induction information