Creating better engagement with organisational goals

How ELMO helped TUH Health Fund


TUH was established in 1972 by the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU) to provide quality health insurance for members of the education community. In 2000, membership was extended to the ASU Services, ASU Clerical and Administration, QPSU and CPSU and in late 2007, included family members. 2014 saw TUH membership extended to members of any union.

Now with over 70,000 lives covered, TUH has become a strong organisation that aims to be the fund of choice for all union members and their families long into the future.

Problems Experienced

" The key driver for me was that it was very simple to use, easy to navigate and it was very visually appealing. ELMO felt contemporary and modern, whereas the systems we were replacing did not."
Emma Kelly - Manager, People & Culture at TUH Health Fund

The People & Culture team at TUH recognised the need to upgrade from a manual paper-based performance management system to a digital system to provide greater functionality and transparency for employees and managers. In particular, Alice Caldwell, People & Culture Officer at TUH, says this need stemmed from a desire to provide employees with more transparent access to their performance objectives.

Concurrently, the team was keen to replace its existing e-learning system to something more sophisticated, while also upgrading the company’s onboarding and recruitment technology.

The team was aware of the potential benefits of moving these processes to digital, but Caldwell says there was some scepticism about what digital could deliver. “We really were quite sceptical, as you always are when you move over to the digital systems. You just don’t think it’s going to be as responsive as being able to email someone or give them a call and have them answer your question straight away,” she says.

1 Manual, paper-based systems for performance management that needed to be upgraded
2 Lack of insight and transparency with existing learning and performance systems
3 Scepticism over what digital systems could deliver


TUH initially opted for ELMO’s Learning Management, Performance Management, Onboarding and Recruitment modules.

“The key driver for me was that it was very simple to use, easy to navigate and it was very visually appealing. ELMO felt contemporary and modern, whereas the systems we were replacing did not,” says Emma Kelly, Manager, People & Culture at TUH.

The Result

" We love ELMO for a number of reasons, for one it’s constantly evolving, it’s very agile, interactive, and adaptable, and it’s easy to use as an end user or an administrator."
Emma Kelly - Manager of People and Culture at TUH Health Fund

Kelly says the results have been impressive so far: “We’ve got almost 100% compliance with our compliance training e-learning module, and from a personal perspective, my team has had far more time to do more exciting things than the administration involved in learning and performance.”

Caldwell says implementation of the e-learning module “was probably far too easy” with no major problems encountered., while implementation of the Performance Management module was a bigger challenge, “because it has, to its benefit, so much configuration – however, that meant a lot of choice and deciding which way we wanted to move with something that was brand new”.

She adds that the implementation process with a specialised systems “guru” from ELMO was fundamental to the success of TUH’s program. “Transferring over to the support desk has been quite seamless, which has been a benefit,” she says.

Caldwell says the ongoing support from ELMO has been exceptional. “Our account management team has been a 10 out of 10. Our service is personalised, it’s personable and we’ve got a great relationship with our team there. It’s tailored to us, which is amazing,” she says.

Kelly says ELMO has had a significant impact on the business: “We’ve had a large increase in engagement with our employees, particularly in the area of alignment with organisational goals. I believe that’s related to the performance management system we’ve implemented.”

Both Kelly and Caldwell would recommend ELMO to others.

“It’s simple to use and it’s customisable, so we’ve been able to scale it to our needs as a small business, but we’ve seen the successes elsewhere in companies that are 10 times the size of us, which is incredible,” says Caldwell. “I would absolutely recommend ELMO to other people – and I already have.”

1 Less time spent on learning and performance-related administration has meant more time for HR to spend on strategic matters
2 Greater configuration and user choice in ELMO’s Performance Management module
3 Greater employee engagement around organisational goals as a result of enhanced performance management processes
4 Almost 100% compliance with compliance-related training