Providing individual and organisation-wide insights thanks to e-learning

How ELMO helped RAA


The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) was established in 1903 and is one of South Australia’s most trusted and iconic brands. After starting as a social club for a few motoring enthusiasts more than a century ago, RAA now has more than 800 employees and is much more than just a motoring organisation.

With over 630,000 members, RAA is always working towards new ways that can better serve their members, while keeping them safe, secure and mobile. Although RAA is mostly known for their road service to members, they are also known for and offer trusted insurance, security and travel services to all members.

Problems Experienced

" Previously, we were unable to understand all of the learning activities that were done in our organisation."
- Organisational Development Consultant, RAA at RAA

Traditionally, RAA had always done the tracking and reporting of its learning activities manually – only a small portion of learning was done via e-learning for compliance matters. However, with a workforce of well over 800 employees, Brenda Brotherton, Organisational Development Consultant, RAA, recognised the organisation had to change in order to be future-ready.

1 Manual tracking and reporting of learning activities
2 Inefficiency for managers and HR due to manual interventions
3 Lack of insights into learning & development due to poor reporting and transparency


RAA decided on ELMO’s Learning Management System to provide holistic learning options for employees.

The Result

" We now have a full organisational view of all learning activity and have automated many time consuming, manual functions."
- Organisational Development Consultant, RAA at RAA

The RAA’s Organisational Development Consultant says ELMO has had “a significant impact” on the organisation. “Previously we were unable to understand all of the learning activities that were done in our organisation,” she says. “We now not only have a single view of the learning activities and compliance modules completed for each individual, but we have a holistic view of the organisation and all the learning that is undertaken.”

She adds that part of ELMO’s appeal is its ease-of-use. “It can do everything you need to do to track and record learning activities, and provide the reports that you require, but in a nice, easy to look at interface for the user. I would definitely recommend ELMO to others.”

1 Greater insights into the learning being undertaken and completed at RAA, at both individual and organisational level
2 Greater efficiency for managers and HR from greater automation of time-consuming manual functions