Improve performance and learning across a dispersed workforce

How ELMO helped Industry Fund Services


Industry Fund Services (IFS) is Australia’s leading provider of specialist financial products, services and advice to the ‘all benefits to members’ superannuation sector.

Problems Experienced

" [Our previous system] was quite complex, and to roll out performance management took weeks of planning and a lot of manual handling."
Mandy Cunningham - Manager of Learning and Development at Industry Fund Services

Industry Fund Services’ 180 employees are dispersed throughout Australia, which makes it challenging to ensure everyone receives a consistent employee experience. It also means that one of the organisation’s objectives – to be as agile as possible – is also difficult to achieve.   

It makes it difficult for us to reach employees just-in-time whenever Legislation changes for us, whenever competitors enter the market, or whenever a new client is brought onboard. We need to be responsive to the market and responsive to our clients when their strategy changes,” says Mandy Cunningham, Manager of Learning and Development, IFS.

IFS already had an automated system in place, which Cunningham says was not suited to their needs.

“It was quite complex, and to roll out performance management took weeks of planning and a lot of manual handling,” she says. “Reporting was cumbersome and we didn’t have visibility. Really we were having a poor experience when it came to performance and reviews.”

1 Geographically dispersed workforce, resulting in inconsistent employee experiences
2 Inability to deliver just-in-time training to meet changing business and market needs
3 Complex, cumbersome existing automated systems, which still required a lot of manual intervention


IFS went to the market to find a suitable solution for its challenges. They found that ELMO’s Learning Management and Performance Management modules were the best choice.

“It was important for us that we weren’t just talking about a great HR tool,” says Cunningham. “We needed any HR system to be integrated with our business needs. We needed to increase alignment across the business – alignment to our strategic imperatives and alignment to what our clients needed. We needed that from an individual level to a team level. We’ve chosen our provider and we’re very happy.”

The Result

" We’ve chosen our provider and are very happy... I’ve had nothing but positive feedback."
Mandy Cunningham - Manager of Learning and Development at Industry Fund Services

IFS took a pilot approach to introducing ELMO to the organisation. Since the rollout, Cunningham says she’s had nothing but positive feedback from employees and was excited about rolling it out to the rest of the organisation. She was also confident that both the Performance and Learning modules would help to meet some key objectives.

“We needed to improve productivity because so much time was spent from an individual, manager and HR level just to get ready for a performance review and reporting on that. Then from there on, feeding that into our incentive scheme.,” she says. We also needed to reduce risk – the risk we were exposing ourselves to with our cumbersome training systems and the way we were rolling out compliance training.”


1 Enhanced ability to align people-related issues with business needs
2 Improved productivity for employees, managers and HR in terms of processes and reporting
3 More effective performance insights, enabling performance to be linked to incentives
4 Reduced risk due to removal of inefficient and ineffective compliance training processes