Getting performance management on track with an automated bespoke solution

How ELMO helped Fraedom


Fraedom is a technology company that delivers software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions across payments, expense and travel.

The way an organisation’s spend is managed is critical for today’s businesses. The Fraedom solution gives customers a better way to capture, manage, and report on all spend across their business.

Problems Experienced

" We already had an automated system and it wasn’t doing what we wanted it to do so we went on a search for something that would better fit our needs."
Janine MacAulay - HR Manager at Fraedom

Fraedom already had an automated performance platform in place, but Janine MacAulay, HR Manager, Fraedom, says it wasn’t delivering what was required. Employees were not engaged in the performance process and there was a lack of insight around all performance-related matters. MacAulay undertook a search of the market to find something that better fit Fraedom’s needs.

1 Lack of employee engagement in all aspects of performance management
2 Lack of management insight or reporting about employee performance
3 Rigid, inflexible existing performance-related technology


Fraedom initially opted for ELMO’s Performance Management module, with plans to also take on ELMO’s Learning module in the future.

The Result

" Our employees are at the early stages of engagement in using ELMO and are very keen to see it develop in time to fully cater to our needs."
Janine MacAulay - HR Manager at Fraedom

MacAulay says that not long after implementation she noticed that employees and managers were already more engaged in the performance process. She expects similar engagement on the learning & development front once the Learning Management System (LMS) module is introduced to the company.

“It’s delivering to us a more bespoke-type solution,” she says. “We can mix and match, put things in, take things out. We don’t have to have a one size fits all model, or even two sizes fits all model. We currently have a multitude of templates for our performance. We also write our own learning & development [content], so the ability to transfer over all our course content and easily run that through ELMO is fantastic.”

1 Greater engagement with performance management processes
2 Customised solution to meet the unique performance and talent needs of Fraedom
3 Tailored, bespoke content for performance and learning modules