Maintain, monitor and supervise employee learning needs with a digital solution

How ELMO helped Cbus


Cbus is one of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds and the national industry fund for the construction, building, infrastructure, and allied industries.

Established in 1984, Cbus provides superannuation benefits to over 70,000 members, has assets over $34 billion, and accepts contributions from more than 100,000 employers.

Problems Experienced

" We needed to develop more scalability for our organisation. We needed some way of managing our people – especially our learning across the organisation."
- Senior Learning and Development Specialist at Cbus

As a growing organisation, Cbus recognised the need for all its people-related technology functions to scale with this growth. This was particularly apparent when it came to learning across the organisation, as existing management practices were no longer effective or efficient.

1 Lack of scalability with existing learning systems
2 Lack of insights or reporting from existing learning systems
3 Inefficient and ineffective training for employees


ELMO’s Learning Management System was chosen to overhaul the learning framework for Cbus.

The Result

" The dedicated support provided was excellent and the product has allowed Cbus to implement repeatable and scalable learning activities to existing and new staff."
- Senior Learning and Development Specialist at Cbus

Senior Learning and Development Specialist at Cbus, says the results seen since the implementation of ELMO’s Learning Management module have been “amazing”.

“We are working much more efficiently and our training records are now accessible to managers and  everyone else, so we can actually maintain, monitor and supervise all of our staff members – especially our representative staff.”

Senior Learning and Development Specialist at Cbus also appreciates ELMO’s modern, user-friendly interface. “It looks new, it’s very intuitive, it’s easy to use – and I really like using it.” 

1 More engaged learners thanks to user-friendly ELMO interface
2 Greater staff and management efficiency thanks to streamlined processes
3 Enhanced reporting capabilities, allowing Cbus to maintain, monitor and supervise the learning needs of all employees