Training compliance, recruitment, onboarding and performance in one system

How ELMO helped Bank Australia


Customers have been banking with Bank Australia since 1957 and today nearly 130,000 people and community sector organisations choose to bank with them. They are a customer owned bank with values-based business practices focusing on environmental, social, and economic responsibility.

Problems Experienced

" We’re heavily audited on CPD training hours for our staff so having reports and real-time data was really important."
Tammie McDonald - People and Culture Consultant at Bank Australia

Bank Australia had a previous Learning Management System in place, but with that contract due to expire, and recognising that there were benefits to be gained from combining previously separate Performance, Recruitment and Onboarding systems under the one umbrella, the organisation decided to explore alternatives.

“Looking at all of those separately didn’t make sense so we thought, why not look for something that combines it all together?” says Tammie McDonald, People and Culture Consultant, Bank Australia.

Bank Australia operates in a heavily regulated industry, meaning that compliance training and reporting on continual professional development (CPD) hours and the like, were key considerations for McDonald and her team.

“We’re heavily audited on CPD training hours for our staff so having reports and real-time data was really important; similarly, the need to safeguard personal information and privacy,” she says.

1 Disparate existing systems for learning, performance, recruitment and onboarding
2 Lack of transparency and real-time data around mandatory training obligations


Bank Australia found ELMO Software to be an ideal solution to meet the needs of the organisation, as they offered the multiple HR modules they needed, which they could access from a single dashboard, single user-interface, all from a single vendor.

McDonald says ELMO’s dedicated implementation manager was extremely helpful and was able to respond to the many questions the company had about the new systems. “We had a thousand questions which Tony our account implementation manager was happy to respond to. If we got stuck on one point, which happened from time to time when perhaps we were just missing one tick of the box, Tony could help.”

The Result

" The feedback we’ve had from new starters is that it’s one of the easiest to use systems."
Tammie McDonald - People and Culture Consultant at Bank Australia

McDonald was impressed on multiple fronts with the ELMO solutions – not least because of how system updates are handled through the cloud.

“We’ve had a few instances where we were thinking it would be really good if we could have a report that included this particular piece of information and then a week later, it appeared in the next rollout, so that’s been really helpful and it shows that our feedback is being passed on as well,” she says.

McDonald adds that the organisation was careful not to overload employees with too many new systems and too much information, so the rollout of modules has been taken at a slow but steady pace. The ease of use has won over many employees.

The learning module has not only provided the transparency to ensure employees are receiving the required level of training but has also added an element of enjoyment to mandatory training.

“Employees have enjoyed the new customised e-learning modules, especially for compliance matters, because it’s something different they haven’t seen before,” McDonald says.

She adds that staff and managers were “the most excited” by the recruitment module, and that’s where she expects the most tangential value to come from.

The new Re-recruitment module has encouraged the Bank Australia team to refine some of its own processes.

“The number of applications we get through now compared to a few years ago has increased so just managing that process has gotten a lot harder. ELMO has allowed us to streamline our existing processes,” she says.

McDonald has also been impressed by the reception received by the Onboarding module. “We’ve had quite a few staff go through [the new system] and the feedback we’ve had from new starters is that it’s one of the easiest to use systems in terms of functionality,” she says.

She also appreciates that the Onboarding module mirrors the other ELMO modules, meaning that by the time employees undertake training or performance reviews, they’re already familiar with the system. “From a reporting perspective that’s going to make our lives a lot easier,” she says.

1 Minimal work disruptions due to system updates delivered through the cloud
2 Greater transparency around training obligations and completion rates
3 Improved engagement with compliance training thanks to user-friendly e-learning modules
4 Enhanced and streamlined recruitment processes
5 Enhanced productivity due to user-friendly onboarding module
6 Improved employee experience through use of ELMO modules across different areas: recruitment, onboarding, learning and performance management